Your Partner in the Big Data Revolution


Gruter is a Hadoop-based big data infrastructure company at the forefront of the merging of the big data and traditional database fields. Founded in 2006, the company rode the Hadoop wave to its inevitable merging with SQL, putting enormous development effort into optimizing the Hadoop ecosystem for the sophisticated big data analysis environment we see today.

With almost a decade of Hadoop ecosystem development and corporate execution experience, Gruter’s high-tech research team have been core contributors to the sophisticated next-generation big data warehouse engine, Apache Tajo. With its advanced distributed processing architecture and query optimization algorithms, Tajo is an industry-leading data engine which is set to revolutionize corporate access to serious big data analytics.

Meanwhile, Gruter’s talented software development team has built an end-to-end big data analysis hub which takes the power and handling of Tajo and integrates it into the daily workflow of the enterprise.

Driven by the SQL-on-Hadoop powerhouse, the Gruter Enterprise Data Suite brings enterprise-grade power, control, speed and handling to web-scale data sets.


Drawing on the unbeatable ingenuity and scale of the open-source community, our development house focuses on delivering frontier technology advantages to the enterprise. In a world where processing and analyzing data is doing business, that means giving our customers a competitive edge.

Moreover, Gruter’s commitment to the open-source economy is not just about the robustness of ecosystem-wide testing, the power of distributed feedback and problem-solving, the benefits of a global human resource pool, and the genuine scalability and efficiency of networked communities. For us, open-source is about letting the best and brightest engineers do what they do best for our customers: Solve the really big problems in technology. That's why Gruter has four full-time Apache committers, including Dr. Hyunsik Choi, PMC chair of Apache Tajo.


That said, Gruter has worked long on the enterprise front lines to know when to take a pragmatic approach to customer need. The enterprise has in the past had genuine reasons for taking a more conservative approach to open-source technology, which is why one of the core missions of our development house is to ready open-source solutions for the core QoS needs of the corporate environment: security, stability, compatibility, accessibility, predictability and usability.

Furthermore, who said the bridging the gap between open-source communities and corporate requirements couldn’t itself be an open-source project? Through the main weapon in our Big Data arsenal, Tajo, we believe that bridge has not only been built, but it is about to open to a rush of traffic.