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10th Anniversary Celebration

The following is an infographic organized to represent 10 years of Gruter’s history.
Gruter(Young-kil Kwon, CEO) was founded in 2006. This year we celebrate 10 years. Gruter expanded to social data analysis services and soon evolved to the go-to hadoop expert group in Korea. Discovering Tajo and its potential, Gruter pivoted to core bigdata technology as a main sponsor of Apache Tajo project.

Gruter Enterprise Tajo(G.E.T), AWS Marketplace Launching

Use Gruter Enterprise Tajo(G.E.T), the Big Data Warehousing system for analysis on AMS Marketplace. In early February, Gruter has announced the Gruter Enterprise Tajo on the AWS Marketplace. It allows the analysis of big log data to be done simply and flexibly.

Gruter Tajo achieves Oracle Big Data Appliance Optimized Status

Tajo on Oracle BDA showed 15~50% performance advantage over DIY cluster, bringing better data SLA for big data analysis. The high performance system and InfiniBand network in Oracle BDA (Oracle Linux) boosted the distributed data processing performance of Tajo.

Gruter at K-Global China 2015

In the China-Korea Cloud Business Meeting with the leaders of the 15 companies, Gruter Data Analyst, Youngkyong Ko presented the Apache Tajo.

Apache Tajo™ 0.11.0 released!

The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.11.0 on Oct 28. The new release heralds significant enhancements for easier data integration and interoperability with other hadoop ecosystems.

Tajo at ApacheCon – Big Data Europe 2015

Gruter senior developer and Apache Tajo co-founder, Dr. Jihoon Son, was a presenter at Apache:Big Data Europe, held in Budapest, Hungary on September 30. Son's challenging session looked at the new features in the coming release Tajo 0.11, including query federation, JDBC-based storage support and self-describing data format support among others.

Gruter’s paper accepted at IEEE BigData 2015

Gruter scientists are researching cutting-edge techniques on big data processing system, and a subset of our work has been accepted in the IEEE BigData 2015 Conference, titled "An Evaluation of Alternative Shared-nothing Architecture for Analytical Processing Systems".

Gruter at K-Global London 2015

After the Hadoop Summit 2015, Gruter headed to K-GLOBAL@London, held June 16-18 at ExCel, London. K-Global@London is the government-led event to promote Korean ICT businesses in Great Britain, the fourth largest ICT market in the world.

Gruter at Hadoop Summit 2015

Last June 9-11, the 8th Annual Hadoop Summit took place in the Convention Center, San Jose. Hadoop Summit is one of the biggest Hadoop conferences in the world, where cutting edge Hadoop technologies are introduced and shared.

Gruter at AWS Summit Seoul 2015

Gruter team ran a booth showcasing Tajo on AWS products at AWS Summit Seoul 2015, one of the biggest cloud computing conference held in Seoul, South Korea, on Apr. 21.

Apache Tajo™ 0.10.0 now available!

The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.10 on Mar 9. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, including performance improvements and wider ecosystem integration.

Apache Tajo on

In a two-part article series entitled "Technical Deep Dive Into Apache Tajo", conducts a Q&A with Dr. Hyunsik Choi, PMC Chair of Apache Tajo. In the first article of the series, Choi explains Tajo's design logic, including its unique distributed processing framework, pluggable storage manager, and advanced query optimization capabilities.

Gruter Joins Hortonworks Technology Partner Program

Integration with Hortonworks Data Platform Takes the Apache Tajo Big Data Warehouse Solution to the Global Enterprise Market Palo Alto, Jan. 20, 2015—Gruter, a big data company which builds next-generation data warehouse systems, today announced that it has joined the Hortonworks® Technology Partner Program.

Gruter at Big Data World Convention 2014

Gruter Senior Developer Jaehwa Jung spoke at BWC 2014 which was held in Busan, South Korea, on Oct. 22-23. The Big Data World Convention is an initiative sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, among other influential national South Korean IT bodies.


PALO ALTO, CA—22 Oct 2014: The Apache Software Foundation announced the release of Apache Tajo v0.9 on Tuesday morning, US EDT time. The release heralds significant enhancements to the enterprise “SQL-on-Hadoop” big data warehouse solution, ...

High-tech Tajo at Hadoop Summit 2014

Gruter Research Director and Apache Tajo PMC Chair, Dr. Hyunsik Choi, was a presenter at Hadoop Summit 2014, held in San Jose on June 3-5. A highlight each year on the Hadoop calendar, the summit brings together big data experts from across the world to discuss new developments in Hadoop-related technologies.

Apache Tajo™ 0.8.0 Now Available!

The Apache Tajo team has been hard at work since being granted Top-Level Project status by the Apache Software Foundation in March, with Tajo 0.8 representing a major leap forward for the big data warehouse system. Check out the full story in the Tajo 0.8.0 release announcement.

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Tajo™ as a Top-Level Project

Forest Hill, MD –01 April 2014– The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 170 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today that Apache Tajo has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project (TLP), signifying that the project's community and products have been well-governed under the ASF's meritocratic process and principles.

Apache Tajo SQL-on-Hadoop Engine Now a Top-Level Project

Apache Tajo, a relational database warehouse system for Hadoop, has graduated to to-level status within the Apache Software Foundation. It might be easy to overlook Tajo because its creators, committers and users are largely based in Korea — and because there’s a whole lot of similar technologies, including one developed at Facebook — but the project could be a dark horse in the race for mass adoption.

Apache Tajo Enters the SQL-on-Hadoop Space

The number of SQL options for Hadoop expanded substantially over the last 18 months. Most get a large amount of attention when announced, but a few slip under the radar. One of these low-flying options is Apache Tajo. I learned about Tajo in November of 2013 at a Hadoop User Group meeting.

There’s Another SQL-on-Hadoop Project Out There, Apache Tajo

i apologize if i’m late to the game on this, but someone just tweeted me about apache tajo, a potentially interesting new sql query engine for hadoop. i’m not sure how much traction it can possibly gain given the glut of other options out there (take a look at this now extremely outdated roundup from february), but i guess more options are better for users, to a point. sk telecom, a korean carrier, is already a big fan. also, some of tajo’s contributors’ employers are kind of interesting.