The most user-friendly Hadoop solution on the planet


The powerful Hadoop open-source software stack requires careful integration, calibration and monitoring,
which is why Gruter has developed its own in-house cloud management solution, Cloumon.
With a user-friendly interface and management console, Cloumon enables system administrators to optimize
the Hadoop ecosystem and take control of the cloud across the full data life cycle.


Hadoop File System Manager

  • System monitoring and status management
  • File management
  • Multi-cluster management
  • Automatic server registration

Hadoop MapReduce Manager

  • MapReduce cluster management
  • MapReduce job monitoring
  • Job scheduling

Flume Manager

  • Flume cluster management
  • Data flow management
  • Additional Source, Sink and Decorator Plug-ins

HBase Manager

  • HBase cluster monitoring
  • HBase data management

ZooKeeper Manager

  • ZooKeeper cluster management
  • Znode management
  • Znode ACL management
  • Znode watcher management

Hive Management

  • Schema management
  • Query workbench
  • MapReduce task monitoring

Metrics Monitoring

  • CPU usage
  • Disk usage (per partition)
  • Network in/out traffic
  • Memory usage

Time and cost advantages

Cloumon provides a fully-featured management and monitoring system for your Hadoop Big Data environment. More than just a management tool, Cloumon is an all-in-one console for controlling key solutions across the Hadoop ecosystem. A mature and robust monitoring tool, Cloumon was developed by highly-experienced platform engineers and tested in diverse and demanding computing environments. Tested and tuned on Hadoop clusters since 2006, Cloumon puts the power of years of intensive technical development work in the hands of your IT department.

Use Case 1Monitoring an existing Hadoop ecosystem

Having built a Hadoop ecosystem you are now ready to operate your system. Realizing that developing an in-house tool will be expensive to develop and bring to maturity, you wonder how best to control your computing ecosystem which has diverse components and numerous distributed clusters. At this point you turn to Cloumon, which gives you convenient and user-friendly control over resource usage, node status, system alarms. It also enables you to manage znode and the data in Zookeeper, query Hive and download the results, and build flows in Flume.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Effective Heatmap View for large cluster

Powerful Hadoop monitoring

WYSIWYG data flow design and management