Enterprise Tajo on the Cloud


Tajo-as-a-Service (TaaS) provides fast access to the speed and scalability advantages of Tajo,
without the need for additional hardware. Tuned for cloud conditions by world-leading Apache Tajo experts,
Gruter, Tajo-as-a-Service makes analyzing massive data sets simpler and faster.
Start analyzing serious data sets on the cloud in minutes!

Gruter Enterprise Tajo on AWS
Simple and cost-efficient way to deploy Tajo on AWS.
Run Tajo without Hadoop dependency and save S/W cost by 50% than EMR.
Available on AWS Marketplace
Simple cluster commissioning in minutes
Powerful Tajo Engine
Easy SQL workbench
Running Tajo on Amazon EMR
Try Tajo EMR bootstrap
Running Tajo on Google Cloud Platform
Try Tajo bdutil extension

Direct access to the cloud data store

  • Run queries directly on the Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage (copying to local HDFS not required!)
  • Go beyond disk size limitations (not limited to local memory size!)
  • Experience genuine speed, size and sophistication advantages

No Hadoop dependency

  • Cheaper than Elastic MapReduce (EMR) instances!
  • Fast loading; no Hadoop loading delays
  • Supports both HDFS and S3/GCS

Optimized for the cloud

  • Pre-configured and stress-tested for the cloud environment
  • Re-size Elastic Tajo clusters at runtime
  • Simple cloud marketplace deployment


  • Use standard SQL syntax; map/reduce programming not required!
  • User-friendly cluster setup and management console
  • Convenient, time-saving SQL workbench

Enterprise Tajo engine

  • Exhaustive ANSI SQL compliance
  • Run both Interactive Analyses and Complex ETL operations from the one solution!

GruterTech support

  • Free community-based support from world-leading Tajo experts
  • SLA-compliant enterprise support options

Fast deployment / reduced operations burden

Not only is the cloud bringing down hardware costs, it’s also reducing the in-house IT operations burden. By empowering employees across the organization with high-end analytics capabilities, Tajo-as-a-Service boosts employee productivity without the need for expensive internal technical support.

On-time analysis

One of the primary business tasks facing organizations is not simply the analysis of data, but the analysis of data on time. With timeliness separating market leaders from also-rans, the query speed of Tajo is is a requirement, not a luxury.

Tajo-as-a-Service enables complex, interactive analysis on genuinely massive data sets at industry-leading speeds, putting stronger signals in the hands of decision makers faster. Tajo's ability to interact with cloud storage directly saves processing time, while its freedom from memory constraints gives it a scalability advantage over in-memory solutions.

Moreover, the query performance of Tajo-as-a-Service enables users to save their instances and running hours for re-use, meaning that over time, Tajo rewards users with even greater time savings than alternative solutions. In addition, TaaS does not depend on Hadoop and Elastic MapReduce instances, reducing costs further.

If it’s accessible speed and sophistication you’re after, without the burden of expensive infrastructure, Tajo-as-a-Service is the right solution for your organization.