This ostrich really flies!

Granted Top-Level Project status by the Apache Software Foundation
in March 2014, Tajo is a next-generation big data warehouse
that brings speedy, standard SQL capabilities to massive data workloads.

All of the advantages of the Hadoop ecosystem...

  • The distributed processing power
  • The open-source accessibility
  • The scalability on commodity servers
  • The data infrastructure cost revolution

With the performance and handling of traditional DB systems…

  • Lightning quick, standardized SQL querying—only this time, on petabyte-scale data sets!
  • Runtime stability, consistency and fault tolerance—only this time, on petabyte-scale data sets!
  • Data medium and analytics tool agnostic—only this time, on petabyte-scale data sets!
  • Failed tasks restart mechanism
  • QueryMaster per query
  • Flexible DAG framework
  • Cost-based optimization
  • Extensible rewrite engine

Under the hood...

  • Powerful distributed processing architecture
  • Advanced query optimization algorithms and techniques
  • Sophisticated resource management specced for low latency
  • Standard HDFS write overcomes memory constraints without sacrificing speed

In migration

  • Easy installation and fast configuration
  • Storage medium agnostic with broad file type compatibility
  • Extensive DBMS system and Hadoop version interoperability
  • Simple Hive migration and Hive metastore sharing

In operation

  • Stable, fault-tolerant execution of demanding, real-world queries and ETL jobs
  • Seamless, industry-standard ANSI SQL capabilities
  • Time-saving extensible query re-write engine
  • Compatibility with legacy BI tools via ODBC/JDBC

With top-line support

  • Backed by Apache Tajo’s world-class open-source community
  • Sponsored by Gruter, the Tajo experts
  • 24X7, SLA-driven enterprise support option

In testing field conditions